Faith Well Placed

St. Andrew Jewelers is much like any other business in wanting to grow and be successful. But we are very different in how we measure that success. For us it is measured in longevity, sentiment and quality of the relationships we build more than the retail value of each sale.


For Brian Berglund and for every member of his staff there’s almost a need to find the exception that disproves the “rule” that without perfect credit you don’t deserve an opportunity to enjoy the chance at expression your affection and love to those who matter to you most. It is why St. Andrew Jewelers offers credit plans to fit your individual needs as a valued customer.

While we are not like so many other so-called jewelers that act as credit houses (offering less than quality products)— we do want to afford our customers what opportunities we can to help them find that unique item for that someone special.

Ask one of our sales associates about St. Andrew’s Instant Credit Program. From perfect to less than perfect credit, you can still find that special gift and not worry about the payments breaking your bank.